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 Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi

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MesajSubiect: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Lun Apr 05, 2010 1:27 pm

Centre stage
Philippa Kennedy

Last Updated: March 30. 2010 1:36AM UAE / March 29. 2010 9:36PM GMT
In the seven years since Il Divo was formed by the producer and entrepreneur Simon Cowell, the group has soared to popularity. They are expected to perform as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival on Friday. Eddy Risch / Keystone / AP Photo
When Sébastien Izambard was asked by Simon Cowell if he would like to join Il Divo, his first reaction was to turn the offer down. He was already carving out a successful career as a singer and songwriter in France and was not keen to give it up. He went to the audition out of curiosity as much as anything else.

Unlike the other three members of the group, Urs Bühler, Carlos Marin and David Miller, Izambard was a pop singer and had never been classically trained. He wondered how he would fit into a group put together to bring classical music to a mass audience in a popular form.

All he really knew about Cowell was what he saw of him on television shows such as Pop Idol and American Idol as the acid-toned and often brutally honest judge whose opinion could make or break a young singer’s career. Izambard had no idea that, as a record producer and entrepreneur, Cowell had been conducting worldwide auditions for two years in order to find the right mix for his new supergroup.

Today, Izambard laughs with a certain amount of disbelief at his initial lack of faith. The group stormed the popular music charts with its debut album, called simply Il Divo, selling five million copies in under a year and knocking Robbie Williams from the number-one slot. Since then, their particular blend of soaring operatic power and romantic popular songs has resulted in sales of more than 22 million albums and earned them a devoted following of fans of all ages.

“At first I wasn’t very keen to join the group,” Izambard says from his home in London. “Coming from a solo career, I have always been used to singing the songs I composed myself and being in control of my own career.

“I was working on my second solo album when they told me they wanted to see me. Simon Cowell had a vision, when he heard the three tenors, of mixing songs in a pop opera kind of way. Then he looked for the right people who could physically do it. He considered singers from all over the world and it took him two years to put Il Divo together. The search covered 30 countries. When he finally decided upon the four of us, he was very truthful and said he hoped he could make it work. What he achieved was unbelievable. I have absolutely no regrets. I have to say that in general I made the right choice.”

The others were also sceptical at first. Bühler thought being in the group would pay the rent for a year. As one of the three operatic singers, he was used to being selected in much the same way as an opera company is put together.

Il Divo is scheduled to perform as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival at the Emirates Palace on Friday, and Izambard is looking forward to performing live again. “It’s my first time in Abu Dhabi,” he says. “We played in Dubai at a private party three years ago but I haven’t been to the UAE since then. Three of us live in England and David lives in the States. We hardly ever meet except during the run-up to concerts and when we are on tour. This concert is a one-off, so it will be wonderful to be back on stage with them again with a live audience. That kind of contact is so different from being in a studio. As singers, that is what we are built for.”

For those who are not familiar with the individual members of the group, Izambard is the devastatingly handsome French one, blue-eyed, messy-haired with dimpled chin and endearing gap between his front teeth. Marin is the dark-eyed Spaniard with matinee-idol looks and deep rich baritone. Bühler is the long-haired Swiss whose lyrically classical tenor falls somewhere in the middle of the range, and Miller is the younger looking, rather serious American who hits the high notes.

Izambard was chosen as much for his emotional delivery as his experience in the pop world. He believes that after seven years the group has at last left the “manufactured” tag behind. He shrugs off critics who deride them for being a bunch of pretty boys in Armani suits that Cowell put together in a studio.

“Simon wanted someone from the pop world,” Izambard says. “We are all there for a reason. Mine is not an operatic voice. I can’t sing opera but my voice blends with the others.

“As for the look, it’s very nice to be able to wear such beautiful clothes, and of course that helps with the image. But at home it’s very much jeans and a T-shirt and my hair is much shorter than when we’re on tour.

“I find it embarrassing to talk about how I look – or how we look – but we hear that a lot: that Simon put together a group of good-looking guys who could sing. I don’t believe that just being pretty is enough. There are a lot of good-looking guys out there. I am quite shy and I’m not used to compliments, so don’t really know what to say when people ask me about all that. I hate seeing myself in pictures. I can’t find a picture I like.”

Cowell experimented with several looks for the ensemble but rejected the scruffy jeans style for sharp-suited elegance. He also abandoned early attempts to make them dance on stage and opted for the backlit, dramatic but simple device of having them stand still in a row and just sing.

The other aspect of becoming a member of an ensemble was that the four men from different cultures and backgrounds were expected to become instant friends. That took time. While Marin and Izambard found a natural affinity and went clubbing together, it took some time for them to bond naturally as a group. “That’s why tours are so important,” he says. “We are together during that time and working very hard. The cultural differences give us an edge. We feel different things in a different way and we express them in a different way on records.

“But you have to keep reinventing yourself in order to move forward. I don’t know where we will end up but we must keep trying to make ourselves better and more interesting. Otherwise we will get bored. It’s really important to keep us all happy with what we are doing and how we are presenting ourselves.”

While Cowell was very hands-on to begin with and just asked the men to “trust him”, the situation gradually reversed itself as the group matured. They work with producers to find songs that suit their blend of operatic technique and popular singing, though that sometimes means their style is rather unflatteringly dubbed “popera”.

“It isn’t easy,” Izambard says. “We were meant to record a month ago, but we haven’t even started yet. I don’t think we have the right songs. In fact, we only have one song confirmed. We should be recording in May for release in October.”

Their first three albums, Il Divo, Ancora and Siempre, scored 36 number-one chart positions in 26 countries. Their next album, The Promise, released in November 2008, was another number-one hit in the UK.

Two sell-out world tours have taken them to 30 countries, performing for more than 1.5 million people. They appeared at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Fifa 2006 World Cup, singing the official theme song with Toni Braxton. And they were special guests of Barbra Streisand on her 2006 tour of North America.

To say that Izambard’s life has changed utterly since becoming part of Il Divo is something of an understatement. He has moved countries, married and become the father of twins. He met and married Renée Murphy, an Australian former Sony BMG publicist, on tour in Australia five years ago and their two-year-old children are called Luca and Rose.

“They keep us very busy,” he says. “They are wonderful and they keep me grounded. There is absolutely no such thing as being famous once you get into your own home. The children tell me that with their eyes. I might fly in after a long trip and as soon as I walk in there’s no such thing as being tired, either.

“When I am away from them it is tough, but I am a very proud father. I have been fortunate to travel the world but I love spending time with my family and long to get home to them. If the babies are sick all you want to do is get home to them. Sometimes it is really tough when you are away for three months at a time. I feel I need to help my wife with them.”

Now 37, Izambard is driven by a desire to become the best singer that he can be. “I have been taking singing lessons, as the only untrained classical opera voice in the group. You should never stop learning and I have never had lessons before. It was something that, for whatever reason, I wanted to do. I needed to reach the next level. I’m also taking acting lessons and am just trying to get better.”

He says he would dearly love to write a song that Il Divo could sing, but is hesitant to try to force one of his songs on the group.

“I have thought about writing for Il Divo but it might be awkward for the others. They might find it hard to sing something I wrote, and I don’t want to trigger any kind of awkwardness within the group. It’s very difficult for ego reasons, so maybe this is something for me in the future.”

Before he joined the group, he had already released a solo album called Libre in France, and his song Si Tu Savais reached number one in the French charts. He has written many songs for French artists, and he performed with Johnny Halliday in Paris in 2001. He has also performed in musicals and plays.

“I haven’t altogether given up what I used to do, and that is composing. I write a lot of music on the side and have been doing that for many years. I would like to try and compose something for Leona Lewis. She has a very modern sound. I like the songs she sings. I like to try to do things that I’m not used to doing.”

“When we first started six years ago, I was blown away when we went to number one in the UK. We didn’t even have a single and just released the album. This is something that hadn’t happened since the 1970s. We just came from nowhere and were embraced by the world. We worked so hard that we hardly had time to think.”

All four take time to talk to fans and sign autographs at concerts but Izambard says he never really gets used to being recognised.

“I still can’t get used to people staring at me. We all get it a lot. People sometimes can’t work out who I am when they see me without the other three. You can see by the expression on their faces that they think they know me but can’t work out from where. It happened a lot when I used to live in Notting Hill.

“The ability to be able to move about without being recognised everywhere is really important to me. I don’t think I could keep doing what I do otherwise. As a family and as a father I don’t think I would be able to have a proper life.”

The four took a year-long break in 2007 and when they got back together for the last album felt more of a team than before. “We have all matured and we are able to work closely together,” Izambard says. “We don’t want to just do the same thing. We are all professional musicians and although people think we were put together in a reality show, we feel very different now.

“Also we see a very different side of Simon. He isn’t like the person we see on television. He trusts us now and doesn’t interfere. And we trust and respect each other. Some people thought we wouldn’t last but here we are seven years later and the schedule is as crazy as ever.

“So many of my musician friends say they would love to do what we do, so I’m not going to complain about my life.”

* Il Divo is scheduled to perform as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival at the Emirates Palace at 7.30 on Friday. For details, visit

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 12:32 am

am citit acuma unu in franceza... traduc puncte importante, da textu e mai mult decat poetic...d'asta il si pun aici...

« Il Divo », ces quatre divins artistes si

Festival d’Abou Dhabi Neuf mille personnes
sont agglutinées dans l'immense parc verdoyant du Palais des Émirats
brillant de mille feux et gardé par un infini rideau de palmiers aux
palmes nonchalantes pour le concert d'« Il Divo ».

La « dishdasha » blanche
côtoie le jeans moulant, les foulards noirs à glands ou paillettes
voisinent avec les bustiers les plus farfelus. Le ton est à la
décontraction et au cosmopolitisme pour entrer, cool et groovy, dans la
déferlante « ildivomania »...
Sur une grande scène érigée à ciel
ouvert au cœur d'un écrin de verdure et de pelouses soigneusement
entretenues, sur fond de spots bleus et de lumignons rouges, un ensemble
de musiciens de l'Orchestre du Festival Puccinni, entre deux écrans
géants, jette les premières notes. Apparaît, micro en mains, Il Divo, le
quartette de garçons polyglottes dans le vent.

Délire du public pour ces quatre superstars qui caracolent au haut des
hit-parades des ventes avec leurs vingt-cinq millions d'albums que
jeunes et moins jeunes se sont littéralement arrachés depuis 2004.
noirs et chemises blanches, cheveux mi-longs ou ultracourts, sourires
ravageurs, corps sveltes et musclés (sans être outrageusement
bodybuildés), bourreaux de cœur de ces dames, idoles des adolescents,
véritables chanteurs de charme, ils sont là les divos. Les divos, comme
leurs alter ego féminins les divas, sont ces divins artistes qui
envoûtent par leurs voix.
Jolie descente des escaliers, avec effet
de reins, de jambes, de torses et de regards (de velours, bien entendu,
pour ces loups aux dents longues), pour ces quatre garçons dans le vent
qui déchaînent le délire des foules. Tout comme leurs prédécesseurs, les
Beatles, mais sur un registre absolument différent.

Voilà donc pour
la présentation, tout horizon confondu (car ils sont de diverses
nationalités), de ces quatre play-boys du « bel canto » qui revisitent
la chanson populaire tous azimuts. En lui restituant des lettres de
noblesse nouvelles et presque inattendues. Délices des surprises vocales
d'un groupe de charme charismatique. Mais ici, seule note sombre au
tableau : la sonorisation, intempestive, pèche souvent par excès de
Pour le registre du baryton, en toute autorité et
assurance, Carlos Marin. Et s'alignent, pour les tonalités du ténor, à
l'unisson ou en solo, David Miller, Sébastien Izambard et Urs Buhler.
de mélodies aux fragrances panachées pour ce concert d'une douzaine de
chansons oscillant entre art lyrique et variété légère. Pour ce fringant
« boys band » fonçant droit dans les envolées opératiques aux vibratos
et trémolos remuants, ni Charles Aznavour, ni Leonard Cohen, ni les
Abba, ni Barbara Streisand (leur grande amie et égérie), ni Vivaldi ne
sont plus les mêmes quand leur intervention et leur souffle sont passés
par là.
De la Mamma à l'hommage à Celine Dion, en passant par la
Promessa, Halleluia, She, Without You et autres tubes, avec la
déchirante complainte de Caruso, le quartette Il Divo s'avère un
véritable stratège pour relooker les variétés et leur offrir une
ouverture, une densité de voix encore plus prenante et impressionnante,
sans toutefois jamais toucher la qualité de l'émotion, si ce n'est le
plus souvent pour l'amplifier ou la renforcer.
Notes finales en
triomphe, comme un charmant pied de nez aux conventions sclérosées, avec
le My Way de Frank Sinatra. Et pour l'ultime bis, encore un clin d'œil à
l'auditoire tout en délire, l'Impossible Dream de Don Quichotte,
touchant pourfendeur des moulins à vent dans un Abou Dhabi dominé par
les gigantesques monolithes des tours scintillant de colliers de

Ultima editare efectuata de catre smug in Mar Apr 06, 2010 1:05 am, editata de 1 ori
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 1:04 am

Il Divo, acesti patru divini artisti atat de populari

-articolu e plin de epitete si metafore...parca l-a scris sadoveanu...DA IMI sa fiu div, l-as decupa si l-as pune pe pereti
-au fost 9000 de oameni
-tonul e dat de atitudinea relaxata fata de comopolitanism pentru a intra, cool si
groovy, in ILDIVOMANIA
-Delir al publicului pentru aceste 4 superstaruri care au pus stapanire
pe topurile vanzarilor cu cele 25 de milioane de albume cumparate din
2004 de tineri si de mai putin tineri (LOL!). Fracuri negre si camasi
albe, par semi-lung sau ultrascurt ( ), zambete devastatoare, corpuri zvelte si
muschiuloase (fara a fi extraordinar de "body built" idea!...told you ca e plin de metafore, epitete etc.),
distrugatori de inimi ale femeilor, idoli ai adolescentilor, veritabili
cantareti sarmanti, ei sunt "the divos" (PT FAZA ASTA M-AM APUCAT DE
-divii, precum divele, sunt acesti artisti divini care vrajesc prin vocile lor. (...)...
- exact ca cei de la The Beatles, dar intr-un registru complet diferit.
-le mai zice playboys ai bel-canto-ului. restul e o insiruire de melodii...
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membru VIP
membru VIP

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 6:49 am

Anca, mersi de rezumat. bravo baietilor!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 6:36 pm

Mai, draga.........M-oi descurca eu in engleza, italiana, spaniola, dar in franceza stiu doar cat sa spun MERCI si JE T`AIME..........asa ca dezvoltati rezumatul, va rog!

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 6:42 pm

cand ma plictisesc de teme si am mai mult ocup... am scris ce e mai am fost niciodata f buna la interpretat cand traduc in romana (daca nu am injurat limba iasa pe nas)...deci scuzati traducerile de taran... da daca stie altcineva french, help out! ideea e ca they drove them crazy!!!! nici nu ma asteptam altfel
Sus In jos
Director de Imagine
Director de Imagine

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Apr 06, 2010 8:55 pm

Am incercat traducerea.....vorba Ancutei tare greu sa transpui in romana atatea si atatea metafore...mama doamne poeti mai sunt francezii astia

sper sa va placa

Dishdasha alba
alaturi de jeans mulati, fulare negre cu ciucuri sau paiete aplicate celor mai traznite bustiere. Aceasta este atmosfera
lejera si cosmopolita potrivita pentru a intra , cool and groovy, in
valul “divomania”…

Pe o scena imensa
ridicata sub cerul liber in mijlocul unui scenariu verde si a unor peluze manichiurate perfect, pe fondul unor spoturi
albastre si a unor lumini rosii, un
ansamblu de muzicieni ai Orchestrei Festivalului Puccinni, asezati intre doua ecrane gigant,
ataca primele note . Apar apoi, cu microfoanele in maini, Il Divo, un
qvartet de baieiti poligloti .

Delir in public
pentru aceste patru superstaruri care au escaladat topurile de vanzari cu cele
25 de milioane de albume ale lor, pe care cei tineri si mai putin tineri le-au
smuls de pe rafturi dupa 2004.

Fracuri negre si
camasi albe, par mini-lung sau ultra-scurt, zambete ravasitoare , *imi place
asta lol* corpuri svelte si musculoase ( fara a fii prea bine facute), ucigatori
(“calai” era de fapt cuvantul folosit lol )ai inimilor doamnelor, idoli ai adolescentilor ,
veritabili menestrei, ei sunt divii. Divii, care la fel ca alter ego-ul lor
feminin, sunt acei artisiti care fascineaza prin vocea lor.

O frumoasa coborare
pe scari, insotita de “efecte” de mijloc, de picior, de tors si de privire *aici
il vedeam deja pe Carlitos* ( o deghizare
de catifea pentru acesti lupi cu dinti ascutiti ) pentru acesti patru baietii aparent fara de griji, care descatuseaza delirul multimii. *are dreptate
Ancuta…metafore peste metafore peste metafore* …

La fel ca predecesorii lor, The Beatles, dar
pe un registru total diferit.

Iata deci
prezentarea care poate parea oarecum confuza la prima vedere ( provin de
altfel din patru tari diferite ), a celor patru play-boys ai bel cantoului,
care readuc in fata publicului melodii populare dar oarecum uitate. Si o fac cu
o nota de noblete si ceva aproape neasteptat de nou. Un deliciu de surprize vocale
al unui grup de un farmec carismatic. Dar
aici este de remarcat un singur lucru sumbru in acest tablou : sonorizarea ,
intempestiva, punctata deseori de excese de decibeli.

Pe registrul
baritonului, plin de autoritate si foarte sigur, este Carlos Marin. I se
alatura, pentru tonalitatile de tenor, la unison sau singuri, David Miller,
Sebastien Izambard si Urs Buhler.

Un buchet de
melodii compune acest concert impestritat cu o duzina de cantece care oscileaza
intre arta lirica si muzica usoara. Pentru ca atunci cand acest “boy band”
elegant ataca in stil operatic cu
vibrato si tremor agitat melodiile, nici Charles Aznavour, nici Leonard Cohen,
nici Abba, nici Barbara Streisand ( marea lor prietena si sustinatoare), si
nici chiar Vivaldi nu mai suna la fel
dupa interventia vocilor lor.

De la Mamma pana la omagiul adus
lui Celine Dion, trecand prin Promessa, Halleluia, She, Without You si
alte piese, cu sfasietorul Caruso, qvartetul se dovedeste
un adevarat strateg in a reloca melodiile si in a le conferi aerul unei
uverturi, a unei aglomerari de voci inca si mai pregnante si mai
impresionante, fara a se atinge nici
macar odata de calitatea lor emotionala, ci din contra pentru a o amplifica si

Note finale triumfante, ca un fermecator final de o duritate
extraordinara cu My Way de Frank Sinatra. Si apoi pentru un ultim bis, inca o
picatura de nectar pentru un public in delir, Impossible
Dream din Don Quichotte, un cantec de
lebada amintind de niste mori de vant intr-un Adou Dhabi dominat de monoliti gigant si
turnuri sclipind de coliere de lumina…

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mier Apr 07, 2010 1:20 pm

daniii, u rule!!!! daca ma pui sa scriu/vb direct, merge...tradusu dintr-o limba in romana ma omoara...pana si engleza, care de'acu e cea mai am fost niciodata buna la tb mai nou imi vin cuv si in engleza non stop...deci AVE, DANI!
si normal ca sunt poeti, daca divul francez e o metafora el...
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Numarul mesajelor : 2005
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mier Apr 07, 2010 3:46 pm

Merci, draga!

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membru VIP
membru VIP

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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mier Apr 07, 2010 3:56 pm

Ador acesti "călăi" . Mersi de traducere!
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MesajSubiect: IL DIVO cuenta todo!    Mier Sept 15, 2010 12:00 pm

Fetele, am gasit ceva super tare....asta in cazul in care nu ati citit interviul asta!

¿Que habéis hecho esta noche?
David: Dormir. Nuestro vuelo llego a las 9 de la mañana y estábamos muy cansados.

¿Tenéis chándal?
Todos: Si
Urs: No, yo no tengo
David: El tiene….no me sale la palabra….estos pantalones que te pones para ir en bicicleta.
Carlos: Lleva tangas

¿Separáis la basura?
Todos: Si

¿Cual es el CD más “curioso” que tenéis?
David: No hay CD´s curiosos. Toda la música es preciosa. Bueno, esa es la mejor respuesta. Yo suelo escuchar Tecno o música Dance. Cuando mis amigos vienen a verme cambio la música y escucho: “David, ¿Qué es eso?”
Urs: Yo tengo unos cuantos CD´s de heavy metal. Normalmente, nadie quiere escucharlos, pero me gustan. Y no me avergüenzo por ello.

¿Que tenéis en la mesita de noche?
Carlos: Lámparas y bombillas…. y bueno, el resto depende del tipo de luces. Por ejemplo, cuando pongo luz romántica, hay, de acuerdo con ella, otras cosas en la mesita, como cigarros y agua.
Sebastien: Yo tengo velas y libros.
David: yo también.
Sebastien: Ah! Y condones.

¿Que hay en vuestra nevera?
Urs: Nada.
Seb: Probablemente algo que ya haya caducado.
David: Cuando llego a casa, me gusta cocinar, así que, depende.
Carlos: Yo prefiero ir a un restaurante, es más cómodo.

¿Cuando fue la ultima vez que dijisteis “mierda”?
David: Hace cinco minutos, ¿por que? Porque es divertido.
Urs: Esta mañana, cuando intentaba ponerme las lentillas…..No lo consigo de ninguna de las maneras.

¿Quien es la persona más importante en vuestras vidas?
Carlos: Para mi, es mi familia.
David: Si, la familia es definitivamente, lo mas importante.
Seb: Lo mismo para mi.
Urs: Todas las personas a las que amo.
Todos: Oh, que bonito… es tan tierno….

¿Cual es vuestra mayor virtud?
David: ¡La pasión! Cuando tú haces las cosas con pasión no hay nada que no puedas conseguir.
Seb: La música.
Urs: La disciplina….creo

¿Y vuestro mayor defecto?
Seb: La disciplina…no, estoy bromeando.
Urs: Soy muy sensible. Si hay, por ejemplo, una cosa que me molesta, y dura mucho tiempo, posiblemente acabe explotando. Supongo que ese es mi mayor defecto.
David: Siempre creo que tod@s y todo tienen mi mayor atención. Pero me pierdo detalles.
Seb: Carlos y yo nos levantamos de mal humor. Amamos la noche...como los vampiros…Madrugar es muy duro.

¿Cuando fue la última vez que visteis a alguien desnudo?
Carlos: Esta mañana, me ví desnudo…
Urs: Ayer por la mañana
Seb: Ayer en la piscina…
Carlos: Pero las chicas no estaban desnudas…
Seb: completamente, estaban en Top-less.

¿Cuál es el último Cd que habéis escuchado?
Carlos: Il Divo, si, la noche pasada.
Seb: Scissors Sisters
Urs: White Snake de 1987
David: Excursion into Trance Nr: 4.

¿Cuando fue la ultima vez que rompiste una promesa?
Carlos: Yo nunca rompo mis promesas.
David: Sin embargo, es algo que pertenece a nuestro trabajo. La confianza es muy importante, incluso si tú actúas para otras personas. Si alguien te da su palabra, esperas que la mantenga. Y eso es lo que hacemos.

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que hablasteis con alguien de cuando estuvisteis en el colegio?
David: ¿Sirve el e-mail? Tengo un viejo amigo del colegio con el que cantaba después del colegio juntos en un estudio. Pero el dejo por un tiempo de cantar y se dedico a ser guardaespaldas. Hace poco, me escribió otra vez un e-mail en el cual decía que se alegraba mucho de todo el éxito…y, además, me preguntaba si no usaba guardaespaldas….fue muy divertido.

¿Que es lo mas importante para vosotros en esta vida?
Carlos: Mi carrera, mi familia y mis amigos.
Urs: La salud
David: La pasión.

¿Cuando fue la ultima vez que prestasteis algo?
Urs: Creo…que fue mi cortaúñas…hace 2 semanas

¿Y os lo devolvieron?
Urs: Si, claro
Seb: Creo que me preste dinero...
David: No, tú te prestaste chicles…
Carlos: Dice “Oh, si” y lleva un año así...
Urs: ¿Y te los devolviste? Jaja

¿A que le teníais miedo antes?
Seb: La muerte. Creo que viene, y que tú puedes ver como se lleva a muchas personas, como a los niños. Mucha gente de mí alrededor ha muerto, de cáncer y de enfermedades similares.
David: La pena, no le tengo miedo a cosas como la muerte, pero si a tener que vivir con dolor….
Carlos: Mi voz
David: Jajaja, nosotros también tenemos miedo de nuestras voces….
Urs: Creo, que mi mayor miedo es despertarme y descubrir que he perdido toda mi vida o que hago algo completamente diferente. Creo, que por el momento estoy muy satisfecho con lo que hago.

¿Quién es la persona a la que mas admiráis?
Carlos: Tom Jones.
Seb: La Madre Teresa
David: Abraham Lincoln

¿Qué libro estáis leyendo?
Seb: “El diablo viste de Prada” Es muy divertido
David: “El salón de baile de los genios Wu Li (”The dance hall Wu Li masters “) “Este es un libro sobre física y metafísica
Carlos: No leo nada. Solo miro fotos, de mujeres desnudas…
Urs: No estoy leyendo nada.

¿Renunciaríais a un año sin sexo si así podríais asegurar la paz mundial?
Todos: No!!
Carlos: Yo no podría hacerlo en ningún caso
Seb: Eso no es así, realmente, ¿Por que no hay paz en el mundo? Porque no se practica suficiente sexo!!
Urs: Si realmente se asegurase la paz mundial así, yo lo haría.
David: Uno, ¿¿una semana??
Urs: Un año!
David: Un año?? Bueno, por lo menos, podría intentarlo…

¿A quien invitaríais para cenar?
Seb: A mi abuelo. Mi familia me hablo mucho sobre el. Fue como el héroe de nuestra familia, con mucho gusto le habría conocido.
David: Invitaría a dos personas: Jesús y Buda. Para ver como se manejan.
Carlos: Yo también invitaría a dos personas: Catherine Zeta-Jones y Mónica Belucci. Jajaja, solo seriamos tres.
Urs: Randy Rhoads. Era el guitarrista de Ozzy Osbourne. Falleció con 25 años en un accidente de avión.

¿Creen vuestros amigos que vuestra vida sexual es mejor ahora?
Seb: Ellos creen que somos más ricos de lo que realmente somos. En serio, cuando ellos llaman y me lo preguntan, es como si uno pudiese conseguir a todas las mujeres que desease.

¿Cuanto tiempo dedicáis al día en pensar en sexo?
David: Sobre unos cuatro minutos
Carlos: ¡¡24 horas!!
Urs: ¿Piensas en ello todo el día, Sebastien?
Seb: Estoy de acuerdo contigo en eso...

¿Cuando fue la ultima vez que llorasteis?
Seb: Cuando amig@ Y YO nos tenemos que separar.
Urs: Creo que fue con una película… pero no puedo recordar cual…
Carlos: Era Bambi

¿Cómo os describiríais?
Carlos: Muy marchoso, apasionado y un buen amigo de mis amigos.
Seb: Esa es una pregunta muy difícil…No tengo ni idea… creo que soy romántico, a veces también complicado o…o también que es sencillo relacionarse conmigo…
Urs: Contradictorio
David: Feliz.

Daca e nevoie de ceva bai! trebuie decat sa spuneti! excited


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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mier Sept 15, 2010 1:23 pm

Măi Mihaela mică personal nu pot nici să ...enjoy si nici să ...have fun, că nu inteleg o iotă.

Bagă o traducere sau barem un rezumat....să vedem despre ce e vorba in am inteles decat "sexo" ...ce să fac, dacă atata spaniolă stiu eu Laughing

Cu multumiri anticipate.

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Cred ca e destul de vechi, de pe vremea decand purta Urs lentile de contact! Razz Razz Intre timp a scapat de ele. Oricum e dragut!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mier Sept 15, 2010 3:30 pm incepem!!!!!

Ce ati facut azi-noapte?
David: Am aterizat la 9 dimineta si eram foarte obositi.

Aveti trening?
Toti: DA
Urs: Nu, eu nu am
DAvid: El stiu cum se zice...acei pantaloni pe care ti-i pui pt a merge cu bicicleta!
Carlos; Poarta tanga

Separati gunoiul( deseurile)?
Toti: Da

Care es cel mai "curios" CD pe care il aveti?
DAvid: Nu exista CD-uri Curioase.Toata muzica e superba. Desigur, asta e cel mai bun raspuns. Eu ascult Techno sau muzica Danse. Cand vin prietenii sa ma vada schimb muzica si ascult: "DAvid, ce e asta?"
Urs: Eu am cateva CD-uri heavy metal. De regula, nimeni nu vrea sa le asculte, dar mie imi place si nu ma rusinez din cauza asta.

Ce aveti pe noptiera?
CArlos: LAmpi si becuri...ei bine, restul depinde de tipul luminii. De exemplu, cand pun lumina romantica, sunt si alte lucruri pe tigari si apa.
Sebastien: Eu am lumanari si carti
DAvid: eu la fel
Seb: Ah! Si prezervative

Ce aveti in frigider?
Urs: nimic
Seb: Probabil ceva care e deja alterat.
David: Cand ajung acasa, imi place sa gatesc, asa ca, depinde
Carlos: Eu prefer sa merg la un restauran, e mai comod

Cand ati spus ultima data " Rahat"?
David: Acum 5 minute, de ce? ..pentru ca e amuzant!
Urs: In dimineata asta, cand incercam sa-mi pun lentilele...Nu reusesc nici intr-un fel.

Cine e persoana cea mai importanta din viata voastra?
CArlos: familia mea
DAvid: da, familia, cu siguranta, e cea mai importanta
Seb: la fel si pt mine
Urs: Toate persoanele pe care le iubesc
Toti: Oh, ce frumos..este atat de gingas, tandru...

Care e virtutea voastra cea mai mare?
David: Pasiune! CAnd faci lucrurile cu pasiune, poti obtine orice.
Seb: Muzica
Urs: Disciplina..cred

Si cel mai mare defect?
Seb:, glumeam
Urs: Sunt foarte sensibil. ADca exista, de ex, un lucru care ma deranjeaza, si dureaza mult timp, posibil se va termina explodand. Cred ca asta e cel mai mare defect al meu.
David: Mereu cred ca toate si totul au paret de toata atentia mea...dar ma pierd in detalii
Seb: Carlos si eu ne trezim fara dispozitie. Iubim noaptea...asemenea vampirilor...Sa ne trezim devrme e foarte greu.

Cand a foat ultima data cand ati vazut pe cineva dezbracat?
Carlos: In dimineata asta, m-am vazut dezbracat...
Urs: Ieri dimineata
Seb: Ieri la piscina
Carlos: Dar fetele nu erau dezbracate..
Seb: in totalitate, erau Top-less.

Care e ultimul CD pe care l-ati ascultat?
Carlos: Il Divo, da, noaptea trecuta.
Seb: Scissors Sisters
Urs: White Snake de 1987
David: Excursion into Trance Nr: 4.

Cand a fost ultima data cand ati rupt o promisiune?
CArlos: Niciodata nu imi rup prmisiunile
David: Totusi, e ceva care tine de servicuil nostru. Increderea e foarte importanta, incluzand si atunci cand lucrezi pt alte persoane. Daca cineva iti da cuvantul...speri sa si-l asta facem noi.

Cand a fost ultima data cand ati vb cu cineva din liceu?
David: E bun e-mail-ul? Am un vechi prieten cu care cantam in liceu intr-un studio. Dar el a incetat pentru un timp sa cante si a devenit bodyguard. Acum putin timp in urma, mi-a scris un e-mail in care imi spunea ca se bucura pt succesul, ma intreba daca folosesc bodyguarzi..a fost foarte distractiv.

Ce e cel mai important in viata voastra?
Carlos: Cariera, familia si prietenii.
Urs: sanatatea
David: Pasiunea

Cand ati imprumutat ultima data ceva?
Urs: a fost clestele pt unghii...acum 2 saptamani

Si l-ai primit inapoi?
Urs: Da, desigur
Seb: Cred ca am imprumutat bani..
David: nu, tu ai imprumutat guma de mestecat..
Carllos: Spune "Oh, da" si o tine un an asa...
Urs: Si le-ai intors? Jaja..

De ce aveati frica inainte?
Seb: De moarte. Ea vine si vezi cum ia multe persoane, cum ar fi copii. Multa lume din jurul meu a murit de cancer sau de boli similare.
David: mi-e frica de moarte...dar sa traiesti cu durere....
Carlos: Vocea mea
David: Jajaja, si noua ne este frica de vocile noastre...
Urs: Cred ca cel mai mult mi-e teama sa ma trezesc si sa descopar ca am pierdut toata viata mea sau ca fac ceva total diferit....cred ca pt moment sunt foarte multumit cu ceea ce fac.

Pe cine admirati cel mai mult?
Carlos: Tom Jones.
Seb: Maica Teresa
David: Abraham Lincoln

Ce carte cititi acum?
Seb: “El diablo viste de Prada” Este foarte distractiv
David: “El salón de baile de los genios Wu Li (”The dance hall Wu Li masters “) “Este o carte despre fízica si metafízica
Carlos: Nu citesc nimic. Doar privesc poze cu femei goale...
Urs: Nu citesc nimic acum.

Ati accepta un an fara sex, daca asa ati putea asigura pacea mondiala?
Toti: nu!!!
CArlos: eu nu as putea, in niciun caz
Seb: Asta nu e chiar asa...De ce nu e pace in lume? Pt ca nu se practica suficient sex
Urs: daca intr-adevar ar asigura pacea mondiala, as accepta
DAvid: O saptamana?
Urs: Un an!!
David: Un an? Bine, macar as putea sa incerc...

Pe cine ati invita la cina?
Seb: Pe bunicul meu. Familia mea imi vorbeste mult despre el. A fost eroul familiei, cu mare placere l-as fi invitat.
David: As invita 2 persoane: Isus si Buda..pentru a vedea care e treaba cu ei
Carlos : Si eu as invita 2 persoane: Catherine Zeta-Jones si Mónica Belucci. Jajaja, doar vom fi trei..
Urs: Randy Rhoads. este chitaristul lui Ozzy Osbourne.

Cred prietenii vostri ca viata voastra sexuala s-a imbunatatit?
Seb: Ei cred ca sutem mai bogati decat chiar suntem in realitate...Serios, cand ei ma suna si ma intreaba, e ca si cum am putea obtine toate femeile pe care le dorim.

Intr-o zi, cat timp va ganditi la sex?
Carlos: 24 ore!!
Urs: Te gadesti la asta toata ziua, seb?
Seb: Aici sunt de acord cu tine...

Cand ati plans ultima data?
Seb: CAnd eu si prietenii tb sa ne despartim
Urs: Cred ca a fost la un film..dar nu imi amintesc care...
Carlos: Era Bambi...

Cum v-ati descrie?
Carlos: Plin de viata, foarte pasionat si bun prieten pt amicii mei
Seb: este o intrebare foarte dificila...Nu am idee...Cred ca sunt romantic, uneori dificil....sau la fel e usor sa comunici cu mine...
Urs: Contradictoriu
David: Fericit!

Gataaaa....Sper sa placa..e adevarat ca e cam vechi....dar sunt intrebari universale!

P.S. Cris, acum Enjoy si Have fun!

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Razz Razz Bambi? Razz Razz

Mersi, Mika. Nu stiam interviul si m-am amuzat copios. Dragii de ei, si eu au probleme la mansarda, dar ii iubim si asa.
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Joi Iul 14, 2011 8:38 am

Sa ne mai imbogatim si noi colectia cu interviuri noi cu poze vechi! Laughing

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era sa-l ratez...cred ca main thread e ok daca postam...but seen it haha! cand se apuca buhler de dat interviuri au astia ce scrie...cred ca le face capul it :)))) thanks :)
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Vin Iul 15, 2011 6:16 am

Razz Razz Avem atatea camarute in care nici nu mai calcam!
Ma amuzat teribil faza cu saracu Seb care munceste zi si noapte.... Razz Razz
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MesajSubiect: Re: Interviuri, articole...totul despre divi   Mar Sept 25, 2012 1:50 pm

Pun aici ce gasesc despre concertul din Romania. Ca sa le gasim mai usor cand ne apuca nostalgia. Pe mine deja de acum..... Sad
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Mersi, Diana!
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The tenor’s tale
Adam Zacharias / 26 September 2012

Urs Bühler from classical crossover behemoths Il Divo tells us about battling a volcano and charming Chris Isaak’s mum

SPEAKING SHORTLY BEFORE Il Divo’s first ever concert in Zagreb, Urs Bühler recalls the odd story behind the group’s rendition of Wicked Game, the title track to their 2011 album.

Having been presented with a lush string arrangement to Chris Isaak’s signature song, the four members who comprise the world’s foremost classical crossover act were united in excitement.

However, this initial elation was swiftly deflated by a procession of administrative niggles – beginning with the fact that Simon Cowell, the group’s creator and label head, wanted to nix the idea from the start.

“Simon didn’t get it at all,” says Urs, who hails from Switzerland but lives in London. “He was like, ‘What do you want to do with this?’ Then we approached Chris Isaak’s management team and said we wanted to record the song in Italian, and they refused.”

With the idea dead in the water, Il Divo found salvation from an unlikely source – Isaak’s elderly mother Dorothy, an eccentric influence who once claimed she was singing Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes when she gave birth to her rocker son.

“Apparently Dorothy, who is Italian, convinced him to let us record the song, under the condition we do it in Italian,” says the tenor in his cheerily languid tone.

“So we put a little thank you on the album to her, because she made it possible.”

Making the band
Il Divo formed almost nine years ago, after Simon Cowell decided to tap the growing market for pop music with an operatic sheen.

An exhaustive worldwide search finally yielded the discovery of Urs, fellow tenor David Miller from California, baritone Carlos Marín from Madrid and Parisian pop star Sébastien Izambard – the line-up which remains in place today.

Upon its 2004 release, Il Divo’s self-titled and multi-lingual debut record proved an immediate global phenomenon, shifting close to five million units.

Meanwhile the band themselves – who were all in their early to mid-30s at the time – stirred boy band levels of adoration among their slightly older female fanbase, thanks to their pin-up looks and mellifluous voices.

Eight years later, the group have released five more studio albums and sold 26 million records – meaning that life for Urs and his bandmates remains as hectic as ever in 2012, with shows in 46 countries across six continents.

“We’ve been touring since January and we’re on around show number 115,” Urs tells us. “We’ve got about 20 more to go and we finish in South America at the end of October.”

In time for a well-earned rest?

“No actually!” exclaims the 41-year-old, revealing that the quartet have little more than one week’s break before they fly to Japan to promote Il Divo’s Greatest Hits.

Out on November 26, the record features favourites including Unbreak My Heart and Adagio, as well as four new tracks: My Heart Will Go On (in Italian), I Will Always Love You (in Spanish), Alone (in Spanish) and I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You (in English).

to be continued
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A long way from home
Urs’ transient lifestyle as a musician has become harder since he became a father to three-year-old daughter Billie with his partner, Il Divo’s British former hair and make-up artist Tania Rodney.

“Last time we were on tour, the little one was only just born so we basically just took her around the world along with mummy,” he explains. “Now she’s started going to nursery, so I’ve just got to get myself through with Skype and phone calls.

“It’s been hard this year but it’s a choice you make. It’s a way of life and you know it’s not going to last forever.”

But the classically-trained performer insists that he has no problem getting invigorated for shows despite the demanding tour schedule and displacement from his family.

“When people come to our concerts they expect a top-notch show,” he says. “They expect you to look good, they expect you to sing well and they expect the show to be interesting and emotional. And you owe them that. I want to – and I have to – give my very best every night, because it doesn’t come for free.

“I always say that singing is like a tightrope act. Every note you sing has the possibility to fail, so you always have to apply yourself. That challenge every night automatically invigorates me.”

Despiteforever being tied to Simon Cowell, Urs insists that the music mogul has “absolutely nothing” to do with the day-to-day running of Il Divo.

“He functions as executive producer on the album recordings and that’s it,” says the singer. “We see him once every year or two. Normally he’ll listen to demos and suggest we give certain songs a shot, and he’ll listen to the songs after we’ve been in the studio and say what he likes and what he doesn’t. That’s all he does.”

These days, the group also have a greater deal of autonomy when it comes to selecting tracks for their albums.

“It’s a co-operation between the four of us, Simon, the producers and the management,” adds Urs. “Everyone is welcome to give suggestions. Simon will decide, but if we don’t agree with anything then we don’t agree.

“If there’s something that’s really close to our hearts and Simon doesn’t get it then we normally manage to convince him. That’s how the dynamic works.”

Stuck in ABU DHABI

Il Divo’s upcoming UAE show marks the first time they’ve been here since getting stranded in Abu Dhabi during the 2010 eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, which spewed a huge ash cloud over Europe causing chaos among air passengers.

“We came from a show in Kazakhstan, and we were trapped in Abu Dhabi,” Urs remembers. “But that wasn’t the worst place to be! We all just hung out at Emirates Palace hotel for a few days, sat by the pool and enjoyed a good meal.

“When you’re travelling all the time, sometimes you want to just completely chill and do nothing, and that’s exactly what we did.”

For crying out loud...

In 1966, The Beatles decided to stop touring as concerts inevitably descended into a wave of screaming from hysterical fans which drowned out the music.

While Urs insists that Il Divo’s wildest fans are “definitely in Mexico”, he recalls a concert in Portugal three years ago when the feverish adulation almost pushed him to a similar breaking point as The Fab Four.

“We were stood in front of 12,000 people in Lisbon, and at one point I asked myself, ‘What am I doing up here? Nobody’s listening.’ They were just shouting at us – in appreciation, which was wonderful – but wouldn’t you also like to listen?” says Urs.

“It’s fabulous that people love you and what you’re doing, but sometimes it really almost tips over that edge.”

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Se pare ca Urs adora interviurile lungi

Il Divo hit the high notes in Dubai

From revolutionary to a diluting of classical music, Il Divo have been called all sorts of names.

Topic MusicBut one thing is for sure: with 26 million album sales and sell-out world tours, the pop-opera quartet are one of the most successful classical crossover acts since the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The group are bringing their lush melodies to the UAE on Friday with a performance at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Il Divo's Swiss tenor Urs Bühler sees the irony in the group being compared with Bocelli.

Recalling his time as an aspiring singer at what was then the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam, Bühler says the European classical music community greeted the Italian's mid-1990s rise with some derision.

"He was very successful and, you know, no one expected it," he says. "I remember we were all very snobbish about it, we were just students."

But the British music mogul Simon Cowell had other ideas.

Inspired after listening to Bocelli and Sarah Brightman perform a duet of the Con te partirò , the man responsible for the boy bands One Direction and JLS envisioned a new formation of handsome southern European men singing pop music in an operatic style.

Working as a freelance singer at the time, Bühler didn't think twice about responding to Cowell's casting call in 2003.

While familiar with Cowell's abrasive television style, Bühler explains he wasn't too worried when meeting the producer in his London office, and describes the audition as a rather relaxed affair. "He told me he wasn't interested in classical music. What he wanted was a voice of that quality to sing the songs that he likes and these are pop songs," Buhler says. "I said I am happy to give it a shot if he paid me."

The two-year global scouting process (2001-03) resulted in Bühler joining the French pop singer Sébastien Izambard, the Spanish baritone Carlos Marín and the American David Miller.

With such a breadth of backgrounds the group were able to tackle a wide catalogue of classical and pop music in Spanish, Italian, English and French.

A stirring rendition of Regresa a Mi, a Spanish version of Tony Braxton's Unbreak My Heart on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005, heralded their arrival and Il Divo never looked back. Working with ruthless efficiency, the group released six big-selling albums in nearly as many years and have ticked all the boxes, with covers ranging from pop classics (Unchained Melody), Christmas carols (Silent Night) and a few originals (Mama).

However the lucrative earnings and a global following did not keep egos at bay; the early years found the Il Divo camp in turmoil. Bühler says the tensions were exacerbated when the record label forced them to display a fake solid front to maintain the fan base.

"They told us we have to be friends and put us under even more pressure," he says. "That actually made it more harmful than good because we weren't the greatest of friends and we still went to dinner on our own after the studio."

Bühler states he wasn't surprised by the frequent flare-ups; it is what happens when you place four competitive strangers in a room.

"It was an illusion, you can't bring us all into a studio and be friends straight away," he says.

"I think we did pretty well, actually, because most groups who were put together like that do not survive."

Indeed, another Cowell creation, Angelis - think a junior version of Il Divo with British children between 11 and 14 - only managed one album in 2006 before breaking up.

With Il Divo surviving the storm intact, Bühler describes a new sense of calm pervading the group. "I think we trust each other more than we used to," he says. "It is easier to make good music as we now put the quality of the music above our own egos."

The happier atmosphere resulted in Il Divo's latest album, Wicked Game. Released late last year, the sixth album continues their blend of classic pop covers led by the Chris Isaak title track, in addition to Don't Cry for Me Argentina by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

As well as being their best album, Bühler describes Wicked Game as a true representation of the band. "It integrates a lot of classical music but it is still a pop album," he says. "I think it bridges the gap and it shows how far in a classical direction you can take pop songs and still make it have a wide appeal."

Bühler says the song selection for each Il Divo album is solely dependent on musical and vocal arrangements. "First of all, it can't be too wordy or too fast," he says. "Il Divo are about the classical voice and we have to let the words sing, so there is a natural limit to how many words you can pack into that. You've got to have flowing melodies."

Bühler says there were many songs that seemed naturally suited for the group on paper, but tanked in the studio. "We recorded [Aerosmith's] I Don't Want to Miss a Thing for this album and it didn't make it," he says. "It had a beautiful melody, but it didn't have the right arrangements and at the end it was not convincing."

Persuading an enthusiastic fan base of song quality is one thing, but the sceptical classical music community is another. Where before he scoffed at classical music's increasing pop-ification, Bühler now believes groups such as Il Divo are serving as a link between a centuries-old art form and the modern music world.

"A lot of classic tenors are now recording crossover albums as well as arias," he states. "Classical music is hundreds of years old and it feels like going to a museum and it has to move on from that. Maybe crossover is the new classical music for many decades to come."

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